Presentations on the Labyrinth by Dr. Geoffrion

Advent Prayer on the labyrinth: Echoes from The Chartres Cathedral (pdf)

Building Prayer Labyrinths (Cambodia) (pdf)

Centering Prayer and Labyrinth Prayer: Presentation in Asia (pdf)

Christian Labyrinth Prayer: An Introduction for Pastors in Cambodia (pdf)

Congo Labyrinth Construction: Story of 2007 labyrinth installation at HEAL Africa Goma, D R Congo (pdf)

Construction of Labyrinths: 2013 Presentation at Chin Christian Institute of Theology, Myanmar

Continuez A Prier Le Labyrinthe: An Introduction to Labyrinth Use in French (designed for Congolese Seminar)

Creating 3 & 7 Circuit Labyrinths

Drawing and Walking Labyrinths in Cambodia

Epiphany on the Labyrinth

Fear, Forgiveness, and Freedom on the Labyrinth

Finger Labyrinth Practice & Prayer: An Introduction*

A Second Look at Finger Labyrinths

Garden Labyrinths. A presentation at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Healing and Labyrinths

Holy Mystery and the Labyrinth. An Advent Teaching on Labyrinth Prayer

Introducing Labyrinth Prayer (given in an Asian context)

Introducing Christian Labyrinth Prayer 2014

Introducing the Labyrinth to a Seminary Community in Asia 2013 

Introduction to Praying On A Labyrinth

Introduction to Labyrinth Walking

Labyrinth Ministries in Christian Settings

Labyrinth of This Pilgrimage: An Opportunity for Exploration

Labyrinth Prayer: A Tool for Personal and Congregational Revitalization

Labyrinth Prayer: An Introduction in Myanmar

Labyrinth Prayer: A Brief (15 minute) introduction in Myanmar

Labyrinth Praying: Session 1 of a Seminary Course (MDiv) Labyrinth History and Introduction (Myanmar)

Labyrinth Praying: Session 2 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Christian Labyrinth Prayer (Myanmar)

Labyrinth Praying: Session 3 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Finger Laybrinth Prayer (Myanmar)

Labyrinth Praying: Session 4 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Constructing Small-scale Labyrinths (Myanmar)

Labyrinth Praying: Session 5 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Labyrinth Prayer & Ritual (Myanmar)

Labyrinth Praying: Session 6 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Healing Prayer and Labyrinths (Myanmar)

Labyrinth Praying: Session 7 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Pilgrimage and Labyrinths

Labyrinth Praying: Session 9 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Community Use of Labyrinths

Labyrinth Praying: Session 10 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Labyrinths and the Arts: Storytelling and Music

Labyrinth Praying: Sessions 12 and 13 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Constructing Chartres-style Labyrinths

Labyrinth Praying: Session 14 of a Seminary Course (M Div) Facilitating Labyrinth Events

Labyrinth Praying: Session 15 of a Seminary Course (MDiv) The Symbolism of the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Labyrinth Praying: Session 16 of a Seminary Course (MDiv) Integration and Contextualization of Labyrinths in Myanmar

Le labyrinthe: une démarche de prière (DR Congo)

Le labyrinthe: une démarche de prière (France) 

Le labyrinthe: une démarche de prière (Rwanda) 

Le pèlerinage et la prière dans un labyrinthe (Marche Vers Le Mont, 2015)

Les artistes prie le labyrinthe: une introduction

Listening: Following the Pathway of Sacred Connections. A presentation on the labyrinth to a class of graduate students studying Clinical Pastoral Education

Mazes and Labyrinths. A presentation given at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Petites suggestions pour prier un labyrinthe

Pilgrimage and Labyrinths: Walking There and Back (Presented at the Labyrinth Society)

Praying & Labyrinths. Presented to a Pastoral Care Class at Princeton Theological Seminary

Praying the Labyrinth: An Introduction for Cambodian Pastors and Church Leaders

Preaching as Journey: Labyrinth Lessons for the Preacher (Asia)

Re-centering, Healing and Self-Care: A Labyrinth Retreat at the Center for Continuing Education, Princeton Theological Seminary (USA)

Retreat: Advent Darkness: A Morning of Rest and Inner Quiet

Scriptural Meditation: Labyrinths for Peace

Spiritual Tool for Prayer: Labyrinths (given in Asia)

Suffering and Labyrinth Prayer (keynote for Labyrinth Society Gathering)

Walking With God: A Labyrinth Introduction in Rwanda

Widening the Circle. A visual history of the Minnesota Labyrinth Network given to the Labyrinth Society

Women Changing Their Communities: Biblical Reflections and Labyrinth Prayer (given in Asia)