Walking The Labyrinth With Jesus

This idea was first introduced and described to me by Lisa Moriarty. She mentioned how the precise nature of the directions often helped youth to focus. The same would most likely apply to those in other age groups as well! When introducing this (or any suggestions for labyrinth experiences), I would give lots of permission for people to follow their experience as it unfolds.

Musanze Rwanda labyrinth walk by Jill K H Geoffrion, photographer

6 Step Labyrinth Experience with Jesus

Step One:
At the threshold, imagine that Christ is standing right next to you. Notice how it feels to be with Jesus. Use your imagination to “picture” God right next to you. Notice if you imagine any sounds, smells or other sensations.

Step Two:
Begin walking the path. As you move, talk to Jesus. Tell Christ everything that comes to mind and heart.

Step Three:
In the center of the labyrinth, imagine sitting down with Christ. Listen to what God wants to say to you. Accept Christ’s loving input. Rest together in the center.

Step Four:
Walk from the center to the threshold, sharing the path once again with Christ. Share back and forth. Let there be silence between you if that comes.

Step 5:
At the threshold, ask for anything more that you need as you prepare to move back into your life outside the labyrinth. Thank Christ for the time that you have spent together. Express your gratitude freely.

As you leave, you are not leaving Jesus behind. You can continue the conversation that has started or begin another. You can walk and talk with Christ on the labyrinth and everywhere else as well!

Step 6:
Take time to write, draw or express the nature and meaning of your experience in some way. For a journal sheet, click here.

Praying in the center of the labyrinth by Jill K H Geoffrion, photographer