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Australian Labyrinths

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Westmead Hospital Labyrinth in AustraliaChildren's Hospital Labyrinth (Westmead)This Chartres-style labyrinth, installed in 2012, was the first ever on a hospital property in Australia.
St. John Canvas Labyrinth in BrisbaneSt. John's Labyrinth in Brisbane, AustraliaThe seven-circuit medieval-style canvas labyrinth was folded up to make space for needed church-related repairs. Fortunately the cathedral staff allowed me to open it up and appreciate its beauty.
St. John's Labyrint in Brisbane, AustraliaWalking Inside the LinesSet in a grove of trees, butterflies fluttered above the labyrinth, birds sang and flew to the center planter to get a drink of the rainwater that had gathered in the large pot, and bees collected pollen from flowers that grew in the center.
Outdoor labyrinth in Pymble, AustraliaSlow Is Good LabyrinthThe labyrinth at the Canisius Center for Ignatian Spirituality in Pymble, Australia (a suburb of Sydney) is set in the shadows of a forest.
Chartres-style labyrinth in Sydney, AustraliaWalking Down Under: Sydney Centennial Park LabyrinthThis truly extraordinary labyrinth experience was the product of the magnificent sandstone below my feet, the companions beside and above me, the natural setting surrounding us all.

Cambodian Labyrinths

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Temporary Labyrinth in Kampot, CambodiaKampot Labyrinth (Cambodia)The labyrinth helped participants of the pastoral training on the spiritual journey in Kampot, Cambodia to explore their lives, faith, and relationships with God.
Labyrinth Walking in Kampot, CambodiaPraying the Labyrinth in KampotPraying the labyrinth in Cambodia. The theme of the walk was, “Speak, God, your servant is listening.” (I Samuel 3:10)
Cambodian Finger Labyrinth PrayerFinger Labyrinth Prayer in Kampot, CambodiaPraying the labyrinth by hand in Cambodia.
Labyrinth Walking in Kampot, Cambodia by photographer Jill GeoffrionDrawing and Walking Labyrinths in KampotDrawing and Walking Labyrinths in Kampot
Building a temporary labyrinth in CambodiaBuilding a Masking Tape Labyrinth in CambodiaStep by step we built this forty-foot Chartres-style labyrinth with masking tape on the floor of a meeting room in Cambodia. None of my helpers had ever heard of or seen a labyrinth before, but by following some simple directions we constructed it an hour and a half.
Group prayer in the center of a labyrinth by Jill K H Geoffrion, photographerPraying the Labyrinth in CambodiaAfter a brief introduction to the labyrinth as a tool for prayer, the pastors and church leaders at the Spirit-Led Leadership Training in Cambodia walked and prayed the labyrinth together.
Prayer in the Center of Cambodian Labyrinth by Jill K H Geoffrion, photographerLabyrinth Prayer in Cambodiawe were moved by how every single participant indicated that the prayer walk was personally meaningful to him or her as a way to connect with God.

French Labyrinths in Chartres

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Artists walk canvas labyrinth in ChartresArtists Walking the Labyrinth in ChartresA retreat for artists was held at the Center Œcumenique et Artistique de Chartres (COACH). Labyrinth walking was new to almost everyone.
Canvas labyrinth walk in the Chartres CathedralLabyrinth Prayer in the Chartres CathedralWhen the labyrinth in the nave was closed due to restoration work, we prayed on the cathedral’s canvas labyrinth which was placed in the south transept.
Office of Light ChartresOffice of the Light on the LabyrinthThe twenty-first century celebratory dance on the labyrinth included festive explosions of gold confetti, children carrying sparklers, and the sharing of the Paschal Candle with the congregation.
Masking tape labyrinth in Chartres, FranceBuilding a Chartres-style Labyrinth with Masking Tape in ChartresPlanners of the Easter Eve service on the labyrinth thought it wise to practice the liturgy on a replica of a Chartres-style labyrinth, so we built a temporary one at The Visitation Center, a hub for activities and administration of the Diocese.
Liturgy of Light in Chartres Cathedral on the labyrinthLabyrinth Liturgy of Light in ChatresOn Easter at around 10:00 PM a Liturgy of Light took place in the Chartres Cathedral.

French Labyrinths

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CCN Canvas Labyrinth near Mont St Michel, France by Jill GeoffrionMont St. Michel Area (Canvas)There are many ways to walk and pray. We readied ourselves for a pilgrimage across the Bay of Mont St. Michel by prayerfully walking a labyrinth.

Italian Labyrinths

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Labyrinth in Ravenna, Italy by Jill K H GeoffrionSixteenth-century Labyrinth in Ravenna, ItalySet among the sixth-century mosaics in the San Vitale Basilica in Ravenna, Italy is a sixteenth-century labyrinth.
Finger Labyrinth in Pontremli, ItalyTwelfth-century Finger Labyrinth in Pontremoli, ItalyThe labyrinth at Pontremoli, carved out of a block of sandstone, is one of the few parts of the previous convent church that survived its repeated and extensive bombing during World War II. It can be seen behind glass in the back of the modern sanctuary.
Labyrinth in Pavia, Italy by Jill K H GeoffrionThe Pavement Labyrinth Mosaic in Pavia, ItalyAbout a third of the mosaic floor that included a labyrinth was rediscovered when the altar of 1592 was moved in 1972. The labyrinth has a diameter of ten feet.
Lucca Finger Labyrinth, ItalyThe Embossed Labyrinth in Lucca, ItalyThe labyrinth, located outside the Cathedral of San Martino, is carved on a stone block and inserted vertically into one of the westernmost pillars of the porch.

Myanmar Labyrinths: Chin Hills

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Drawing Labyrinths in Chin Hills, MYThe Next Steps: Labyrinths in FalamWe learned to draw three circuit Cretan, seven circuit classical, and eleven circuit Chartres-style labyrinths. Since it was the last day of the four-day event, we also took time to pray in three groups of about twenty-five people, using the question, “What do I want to remember from this week?”
Walking a labyrinth in Falam, Chin HillsPraying the Labyrinth in the Chin HillsLay-leaders, pastors, students, and seminary teachers visited the labyrinth, praying individually and in groups.
Labyrinth prayer in Falam, MyanmarLabyrinth Prayer in FalamLabyrinth prayer is one of the spiritual tools that we introduce during our week-long Spirit-Led Leadership trainings.
Building a labyrinth in Falam, MyanmarLabyrinth Building in FalamThanks to all who prayed for the seminary community at the Chin Christian Institute of Theology as we built a temporary five circuit inner Chartres-style labyrinth in northern Myanmar.

Mayanmar (Yangon) Labyrinths

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Yangon Labyrinth PrayerInter-faith Labyrinth Prayer in MyanmarA labyrinth was built and a prayer walk was held at a Christian Community Center on a Sunday afternoon. Over 50 students participated. Youth said they had prayed for their families, to feel joy, understanding about their actions and lives, as well as personal and community challenges.
Labyrinth building in Yangon, MyanmarBuilding a Temporary Chartres-style Labyrinth in YangonMIT MDiv students built a temporary Chartres-style labyrinth and then prayed it.
Acting out Biblical Stories on Yangon labyrinthWalking Biblical Stories on a LabyrinthAs we embodied the stories, we discovered their meaning for our own lives.
Praying for Community on a labyrinthCommunity Needs and Labyrinth PrayerAs we prayed using the labyrinth we focused on the current needs that surround us, seeking wisdom, courage and insight.
Praying the MIT Labyrinth, YangoA Pilgrimage to the CrossWe used Scriptural Stations of the Cross to prayerfully walk with Jesus towards his death.
Praying for healing on a labyrinthHealing Prayer and LabyrinthsWe considered Jesus’ call to heal, the many kinds of healing we desire (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, societal, and ecological to name a few), and how we might pray for these on a labyrinth.
Myanmar man walks labyrinth in YangonMyanmar Seminary Students on the LabyrinthWe walked and prayed on the labyrinth together, considering their focus of the week, “What do I need to let go of in order to move ahead?”
Praying and Singing on a labyrinth in YangonCreating Labyrinth EventsWe considered how to create prayer services on the labyrinth. We discussed how to think of the needs of a group, and how to use simple gestures to deepen the experience.
Creating small-scale labyrinths in MyanmarMaking Small-scale labyrinthsOur seminary labyrinth class involved inviting students to draw on their creativity to lead others in prayer using small-scale labyrinths. We started by drawing–and praying–labyrinths with various seed patterns.
Finger labyrinth prayer in MyanmarFinger Labyrinth PrayerWe began with a prayer of blessing for our hands taken from Re-Discovering the Gift of Finger Labyrinths by Martha Erickson. Next we entered into prayer using a variety of labyrinths to pray.
Praying a labyrinth in YangonSeminary Labyrinth Course in YangonAlthough most of the students had never walked a labyrinth before, they were eager to try during the second hour. They walked slowly, took their time as they prayed in the center, and returned to the entrance/exit with deep focus.
Praying the Labyrinth in Yangon, MyanmarLabyrinth Discernment for Spirit-Led LeadersStudents in the Spirit-Led Leader elective class are led through a process in which they identify their vision for their relationship with God and their leadership. During this class session, they used the labyrinth to pray as they prepared themselves for this important work.
MIT labyrinth in the Faith, Hope, and Love ChapelSharing a Labyrinth Walk on CampusI love how God uses the labyrinth to touch people and to minister to their needs. Over and over again, I see God using labyrinth prayer to bring people together, to help us care for one another, and to inspire us to serve our communities in new ways.
Communion on MIT Labyrinth, YangonLabyrinth Communion: A New Year's ServiceBeginning the semester with a labyrinth communion service allowed time for reflection and prayer.

New Zealand Labyrinths

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Christchurch, NZ Chartres-style labyrinthSuffering and Labyrinth PrayerThe Chartres-style labyrinth on the site of the former St. Luke’s Anglican Church which was weakened and then damaged irreparably in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand exemplifies the honoring of suffering and the hope of new life which can grow despite destruction.
Johnsonville 7-circuit labyrinth, New ZealandLabyrinth Walking in Johnsonville, New ZealandWe prayed together at the Uniting Church labyrinth in Johnsonville (near Wellington), New Zealand on this seven-circuit classical labyrinth with stone pathways and terra cotta dividers.
St. Mary Labyrinth Auckland, NZLabyrinth Surprise in AucklandThe cross seemed situationally appropriate and comforting as it defined the walk. Under the deep blue skies, while sheltered by lovely gardens, we watched the city life just beyond the hedges.
St. Columba Labyrinth, Aukland, NZWalking on Water Labyrinth“Based on the Chartres design, but painted in swirling blues, greens and browns–the colors of the South Pacific,” read the description of the St. Columba labyrinth on the World-wide labyrinth locator.
Carmel College Labyrinth, Auckland, NZWalking Labyrinths in New ZealandThis labyrinth built by students and staff at Carmel College on the North Island in Auckland, New Zealand.

Peruvian Labyrinths

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Peruvian Labyrinths on the Nazca Plain by Jill K H GeoffironLabyrinths on the Nazca Plain of PeruAmong the ancient geoglyphs created around 500 CE by people living on the Nazca Plain in southern Peru are several labyrinths. The best known is a three-circuit labyrinth.

Portugese Labyrinths

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Roman Mosaic labyrinth in PortuagalMuseu Monografico, ConimbrigaTowers, squared-off pathways, an open door, and a minotaur are prominently featured in the second century labyrinth mosaic that is found in the Museu Monografico.
3rd century labyrinth in Portugal3rd Cent. Roman Mosaic in ConimbrigaLabyrinths and minotaurs were not usual choices for mosaic artists during the Roman period. This third century example is found in the House of Fountains at Conimbriga (modern-day Portugal).
7-circuit classical mosaic in Portugal3rd century Mosaic in the House of FountainsA multicolored mosaic which uses a seven circuit classical labyrinth design that is angular.
Sintra, Portugual modern labyrinthA Modern Mosaic Labyrinth in SintraComing upon the Six Senses labyrinth as one walks in the gardens was literally a breathtaking event. It seems to hang in space.

Swedish Labyrinths

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St. Mary's Labyrinth, Visby, Gotland, SwedenSt. Mary's Cathedral LabyrinthI am on pilgrimage to the Swedish labyrinths found on Gotland Island. As a pilgrim I may ask, “What am I seeing?” but my heart needs to rest with the question, “What is God showing me?”
St. Lars Church Ruins Labyrinth, SwedenSt. Lars Church Ruins LabyrinthMy prayer for this retreat time has been, “God, as I open the windows and doors of my life, please blow in like the wind and refresh my life with your Spirit.” Walking into the St. Lars Church ruins in Visby gave an added dimension to my prayer. The central crossing roof was open the blue sky. I saw and experienced how what is inner and outer really are one!
Trojaborg Labyrinth, SwedenThe Trojaborg LabyrinthWalking labyrinths with others is a beautiful way to re-member that while each of us is on our own journey, we are connected to those who have walked before us, those who walk beside us, and those who will walk behind us.
Holmudden Labyrinth, Faro Island, SwedenStone LabyrinthsPlacing stones, one after another, on the ground, has been the preferred method of labyrinth building in Sweden for centuries. Faith experience is constructed with a similar process. Prayer by prayer I create an unseen sacred space that supports my ability to connect with God.
Frejel Labyrinth, Gotland Island, SwedenLabyrinth FlowThe s-like meanders in rivers allow the water to avoid stagnation. The meanders in labyrinths help me to keep experiencing the walk–and thus my life–from different perspectives. When a turn on the labyrinth in Frejel, Sweden led me to a water pump, I remembered the deep washing of my baptism which continues to flow through my life.
Madonna sculpture on Gotland Island, SwedenThe UnexpectedLabyrinth walks are often filled with surprises. The “labyrinth” we went to investigate at Roma on Gotland Island turned out to be a maze. I wandered off among the Cistercian Abbey ruins until when turning a corner I was overwhelmed by the beauty of an image of Mary holding Jesus. While God often “finds” me in places I expect, like labyrinths, God also loves me in unanticipated ways as well.
Pilgrimage on Gotland IslandPilgrims have been walking across Gotland Island for centuries, their footsteps an extension of their desire to know God’s love and power more fully. While here, I joined their path, seeking to spend a day not moving towards and with God on labyrinths, but biking on what is known as “The Pilgrim’s Way.”
Swedish labyrinths on Gotland by Jill GeoffrionPondering My PilgrimageAs my pilgrimage draws to a close, I am taking time to remember what has happened. I am pondering the gifts received and the insights gained, especially during my prayer-times on the various labyrinths. I want to leave the island with a sense of how the story of this journey fits into the bigger story of my life in God.
Angel at Church of St. Mary, Gotland, SwedenIntegrating My Pilgrimage to Swedish Labyrinths on Gotland IslandPilgrimage involves an outer and inner voyage with God. My experiences, as represented by the images below, kept calling me to welcome the Holy Spirit’s enlivening presence.

Ukranian Labyrinths

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Kiev Ukraine Labyrinth Prayer WalkUkranian Labyrinth Prayer WalkPraying in a circle, we sang praise songs in Russian before entering the five circuit Chartres-style masking tape labyrinth for our prayer walk.
Labyrinth Construction Kiev, UkraineLabyrinth Construction in UkraineAlthough there are no labyrinths listed on the world-wide labyrinth locator for Ukraine, seminary students in Kiev built a temporary one for their campus.

United States Labyrinths

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Cody Wyoming Labyrinth by Jill GeoffrionLabyrinth Prayer Out West Walking a brick collector’s labyrinth in Cody, Wyoming (USA) reminded me of how our passions can improve others’ lives.
Hennepin Ave. Methodist Church, Mpls. MN labyrinthWhere Am I? (Mpls. MN)When I asked if I could take their picture, these folks discovered they were eating in the center of a labyrinth! It’s way too easy to not know where I am.
Meadowbrook Elementary School Labyrinth, Golden Valley, MinnesotaPlayfulnessWhen I feel small and the way seems long, it helps to remember that I can move ahead with playfulness!
Garden Labyrinth, St. Paul, MinnesotaNow (St. Paul, Minnesota)Where does the path lead? Every time I walk it, I come to the center–of that moment!