Finger Labyrinths

Finger Labyrinth Prayer Cambodia by Jill K H Geoffrion, photographer

Labyrinths can be prayed with eyes and fingers as well as feet. Find below various labyrinth patterns that you can print and use. A simple way to pray is to gather yourself and pray for what is ahead. Then, enter the pathway with your eyes, a finger, or a pen, crossing through the threshold, following the pathway until you reach the center. Rest there. When you are ready, reenter the pathway, following it until you re-cross the threshold to the outside. Be sure to take time to give thanks for what you have experienced!

Chartres-style labyrinth pattern (11-circuit)

Heart-shaped labyrinth by Khup Zo Mang (Myanmar) (5-circuit)

Dancing Woman labyrinth (8-circuit) ©Lisa Gidlow Moriarty
La femme qui danse (8-circuit) ©Lisa Gidlow Moriarty

11-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth