Jill’s Writings on Labyrinths


Books by Dr. Jill Geoffrion

Praying the Labyrinth: A Journal for Spiritual Exploration. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 1999.
Based on Jill’s experiences of praying the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, this book invites the reader to explore their own spiritual experiences both on and off the labyrinth.

Living the Labyrinth: 101 Paths to a Deep Connection with the Sacred. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2000.
This book encourages readers to expand the ways in which they explore the labyrinth. Full of helpful ideas for individual and group use of the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth and the Enneagram: Circling into Prayer. Co-authored with Psychologist Elizabeth Nagel. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2001.
Readers are given an orientation to the enneagram and an explanation of its nine positions, as well as exercises on the labyrinth to identify barriers within. From these experiences, readers will enjoy the transformation that arises from new learning and insight. Space for journaling and reflection is provided with each experience.

Labyrinth and Song of Songs. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2003.
Labyrinth and Song of Songs lays side by side the author’s poetry, prayers, and hymns which were inspired by the labyrinth and the Hebrew Scriptures love poem, “Song of Songs.” Written in the voices of Lover, Beloved, and Friends, both works are personal, provocative, and invitational. Delight, longing, and love rise up to greet the reader.

Pondering the Labyrinth: Questions to Pray on the Path. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2003.
Written in response to expressed needs for resources that could be used at a labyrinth, this book is divided into four sections: About Labyrinths, Questions to Ponder As You Experience the Labyrinth, Questions to Ponder Away from the Labyrinth, and Questions to Ponder for Special Reasons. In this highly accessible book, those encountering the labyrinth for the first time will find their questions answered, while those who have been using the labyrinth will discover new approaches to labyrinth experience.

Christian Prayer and Labyrinths: Pathways to Fatih, Hope, and Love. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2004.
Another groundbreaking book designed specifically for Christians who would like to use the labyrinth for personal meditation and prayer, or communal Christian worship. The author begins with a brief summary of the Christian history of labyrinths, and from there, offers texts from both Hebrew and Christian Scriptures which are each connected to prayer suggestions. There is also a section on experiencing Christ in the labyrinth that contains prayers and poems. Several line drawings of labyrinths and journal sheets are included. (Pilgrim Press)

Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim’s Guide. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2006.
This book serves as a guide to pilgrimage, Chartres Cathedral, and the Chartres labyrinth as well as a journal in which a pilgrim can record experiences and their spiritual significance. Each page includes a poem that brings a relevant subject into focus. Above is a related image. Below is a suggestion of how to explore one’s inner landscape as well as space to get started.

A Pilgrim’s Journal: Chartres Cathedral. Wayzata, MN, Faith, Hope, and Love Press, 2008.
A 75-page journal designed for pilgrims to Chartres. Each page is graced with a watermark photo from a special part of the cathedral, a journal sentence starter, and an area designated for prayer. $25.00, shipping included.
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Book Sections:

2009. “Labyrinth Prayers for Healing” Feschrift for Dr. Sang Awr. Myanmar Institute of Theology. 2009. 38-45.
2004. “The Labyrinth” in The Sacred Way. Jones, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 127-129.

Scholarly Articles:
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2013. “The Pont-Chevron Mosaic Labyrinth” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 42:30-36.
2014. The St. Euverte Labyrinth, Orléans (France)” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 42:57-58.
2010. “The Petit Labyrinth Graffito of Chartres Cathedral” Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët. Caerdroia 40:4-8.
2009. “Labyrinth Prayer: An Ancient Yet New Way to Pray.” Rays: Myanmar Institute of Theology 10:77-81.

Ministry-related Articles:
2020. “The Lesser-Known Labyrinths of Chartres.” Labyrinth Pathways 14:4-11.
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Hymn Texts

Walking the Labyrinth (Tune: For the Beauty of the Earth)
Circling the Labyrinth (Tune by Donna B. Kasbohm)

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