Litany of Gratitude, Release, and Blessing

This litany was prepared for the Celebration of Gratitude for the Labyrinth on June 21, 2010 by Jill K. H. Geoffrion in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA).

Leader: We are gathered to offer thanks for all that has been given and received in this space and on this labyrinth during the past thirteen years. In the silence, let us remember the times of meaning, community, creativity, care, healing, tears, and joy that we have shared in this sacred space of this labyrinth.

(One minute of silence.)

If you would like, you are invited to share ONE word that expresses what this labyrinth has meant to you.

Community: Silence—or words spoken by and into the gathered community.

Leader: Let us honor our experience through expressing our gratitude.

Community: For this labyrinth and the many gifts we have received here, we offer our thanks to God, the Sisters of St. Joseph, Wisdom Ways, and all those who have been the labyrinth’s caretakers.

Leader: We are gathered to release this labyrinth back to the earth. In order to do this, if it is possible for you, please place both your hands and your feet on the labyrinth.

Community: (With hands on the ground) We acknowledge our loss. We release this space, offering it to its new purposes. (Release of hands.)

Leader: We are gathered here to bless this space, and to dedicate it to its new purposes. We ask that the seeds of faith, hope, and love that have been planted here will flower with invisible beauty.

Community: We pray for those who will live here. May their needs be graciously met. May this piece of land be a spiritual and physical support beneath them.

All: May it be so!