Dedication St. Charles, IL Labyrinth

Prayed on the Feast of Pentecost, 4 June 1995
St. Charles Episcopal Church 994 North 5th Ave. St. Charles, IL 630-377-4343

This dedication is shared by permission.
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The people being gathered around the entrance to the labyrinth, the priest walks to the center and addressing the gathered, begins:

Father Steve Winsett: The Lord be with you.

Congregation: And also with you.

Father Steve Winsett: Let us pray.

Dear Creator and Guide, our God, be with us today as we dedicate and set apart this Sacred Path. Grant that those who  come to it seeking your wisdom may find it. Grant that those who come to it seeking your healing, may receive it. Grant that those who come with guilt may be freed for transformation, and become able to reconcile the past and be released to walk into the future celebrating the gift of life. Grant that those who come as a pilgrim seeking whatever answers they need, may find you a ready source of love, power, and peace. We ask you to hallow (sign of the cross), bless (sign of the cross), and sanctify (sign of the cross), this labyrinth with your benediction, and grant that it may continually and effectually bring together your faithful people to magnify by praise and work your holy name; through Jesus Christ our Lod.